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5 Reasons to hire me to purchase a home in Las Vegas

  1. I am a Full Time agent and in the market every day, looking at inventory, prices, incentives. I am always aware of what is happening in the market and can advise you on trends and latest developments.
  2. Being very familiar with local builders, I can introduce the best builders and their newest communities to you and help you negotiate incentives and special deals, so please take me with you on your VERY FIRST VISIT, otherwise I won’t be able to share my helpful insights and be able to represent you.
  3. I have a team of talented lenders and banking reps who can find solutions and creative structure to purchase any dream home you desire.
  4. I can recommend inspectors, engineers, private builders, architects and a full list of concierge vendors to make the home truly yours.
  5. I will be there with you every step of the way, overseeing the process from negotiating the first offer through every step of inspections, appraisals and closing. I will be your personal assistant with eyes here on the ground if you live out of state.