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Helpful tips to position your home to achieve the best pricing.

Buyers are constantly streaming into Las Vegas, looking for their new homes in the city. With the market slowly normalizing and more housing options being added to the inventory, how can you sell your home for top dollar? Here are a several ideas that we hope you find helpful.

  1. Eliminate personal items and clutter.

    Now that the decision has been made to sell the home, look at the property as if it is no longer your home but a product you wish to sell to interested buyers. Think about creating a clear vision for the possibilities so potential clients can see themselves living in the house.

    This is why it is imperative you clean the house and de-personalize it scrupulously. Stash away personal items, such as photos of your families and loved ones, treasured collections, and other belongings. Toys must be stored away as well. If you have pets, make sure to clean the home thoroughly to rid the house of dog and cat hair and any signs of a pet, like food bowls or cat litter.

    By cleaning and removing personal belongings, you are turning the house into a blank canvas ready for showings.

  2. Make small repairs.

    One of the best ways to sell your home for top dollar and avoid headaches later is to take care of repairs before listing your home in the market.

    A well-maintained house gives the impression that it was properly taken care of by its past and present owners. It helps you, as a seller, put your best foot forward. With the increasing number of housing options entering the market, making repairs can set potential buyers’ mind at ease.

    If there are repairs or issues that are too significant for you to handle, make sure to disclose the defects you are aware of. Nevada state law mandates that sellers must disclose property defects that cover the plumbing, heating and cooling, electrical, and any other features that affect the property’s overall value.

    To be sure, it is highly encouraged to invite a professional home inspector to identify issues you can and cannot address. Read more about seller disclosure obligations here.

  3. Make wise improvements.

    Home renovations and upgrades are two ways you can increase the market value of the house and sell it for top dollar. These are especially helpful since you will most likely be competing with newly constructed homes.

    Low-cost improvements can breathe new life into your property. A new coat of paint in a neutral hue can prove to be beneficial. New windows, specifically energy-efficient ones, are great investments that make the house more green. Landscaping and curb appeal can also dramatically improve the look and value of a property.

    Room remodels do not always pay off. If there is one part of the house you should renovate, it’s the kitchen. Avoid big-ticket improvements, especially if they feel out of place in the house or even the neighborhood. Stick to essentials such as storage, countertops, energy-efficient appliances, and hardware.

    Making room additions can be advantageous if you have the space to spare. If you are thinking of this, consider adding another bathroom. Costs depend on materials and accessories you decide to use, but you can recoup about 80 to 130 percent of your investment.

  4. Stage the home.

    Appeal to potential buyers by dressing up your home to impress. Let the spaces shine with the right furniture, decor, and lighting. Replace photos of you, your family, and friends, with tasteful artwork. Don’t forget to stage the front yard and backyard as well, especially if you consider these as some of the major highlights of the property. Welcome buyers with a nicely decorated front porch or entryway and consider adding an outdoor living space out back.

    Decorate one of the bedrooms into a kid’s room in case some of your prospective buyers have families. This way, you will be giving potential clients a visual of what life could be like when they live in the property. Buying a home is, after all, often an emotional decision. If a buyer sees himself or herself living in the house, he or she will most likely place an offer.

Find out how much your home is worth

Before you sell, contact Natasha Kattau to estimate the value of your Las Vegas home. From there, we can help you with all the details, specific to your home.